Umu Igbo Unite
Onyinye Igbokwe
Co - Founder, UIUCares Director

Onyinye is continually inspired by all she sees her Igbo colleagues do all over the world. She has heart for the less fortunate here and in Nigeria and is interested in all aspects of service. She is a family physician who has a great desire to improve healthcare in Nigeria. She knows the talent that is available back home and is passionate about developing a healthcare infrastructure that will provide healthcare access to the masses and provide jobs for our physicians in Nigeria. She is from Anambra state, grew up in Enugu and moved to the US at the age of 12. She holds a Biochemistry degree from Georgia Institute of Technology, obtained her Medical Degree from the Medical College of Georgia and was trained at the Mayo Clinic. She is an Urgent Care Physician in New York. She is married and has 3 children.