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Umu Igbo Unite Corporation is a non-profit organization and is tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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UIU DMV Chapter

Established 2016
Representing the DMV Area


UIU DMV aims to promote cultural pride in the diaspora, and create programming that focuses on the preservation of the Igbo language and culture.

Members Only Benefits

20% Off National Convention Registration

Inclusive Business Promotion & Business Directory

Igbo Language Advancement

Chapter Event Discounts

Interest Groups

Professional Development & Networking Events

Chapter T-shirts, etc.

Our Cultural Programs

Masquerade Presentation

Traditional Dance Classes

Cooking Classes

Igbo Food Tasting

Titles in Igboland Presentation

Umu Igbo in Love

Naija Politics

Igbo Village Tours

New Yam Festival, etc.


Our Committees

YALI Committee: The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) aims at educating and networking young African leaders with activities including the Mandela Washington Fellowship that brings them to study in the United States for six weeks, with follow-up resources, and student exchange programs. UIU DMV aims to work with young Igbo leaders who are interested in applying for the initiative. We will work with the applicants on their resume and application to make them a more competitive candidate.
Volunteer Committee: Here to help with the logistics of events and help with day-of event set up and programming.

Membership Committee: To help with the recruitment of new members, welcome new members, help do quarterly member calls, and engage and retain current members.

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Executive Board

Here are the chapter officers for UIU DMV.

Paul Iroezi


Lotachukwu Igwebuike

Vice President 

Ashley Oha


Sylvia Umegbolu

Public Relations Officer

Joy Omeniyi


Contact Us

Clifton (IK) Ndubuisu

Community Service

Chinwendu Ngwadom

Community Service


Event Coordinator 


Event Coordinator  


Cultural Awareness Chair 


Membership Chair 


Here are a few programs that we offer to our chapter members.


Our Enyi nri Abali: Friendsgiving is an opportunity for the Umu Igbo Unite to congregate and fellowship together over food and drink! In the spirit of the season, you can look forward to all your favorites including jollof rice, puff puff, plantain, suya, and more!

lunch bag 300

Lunch Bag 300 is an opportunity for our Umu Igbo Unite community to come together to serve our DMV community at large by preparing nutritiously fortifying meals for our homeless community.


UIUDMV attends an Annual Igbo World Festival of Arts & Culture, presented by the CISA (Council of Igbo States in America). The theme this year is “Reconnecting to Our Igbo Culture and Roots,” a push to bring together Igbo indigenes and cultural enthusiasts across the world, who have been separated by time & space.

Pepper dem

Are you interested in learning how to cook some of the Igbo dishes we grew up loving? Then join us at Pepper Dem! We teach attendees how to cook native Nigerian dishes with consideration of healthy alternative ingredients.



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  • When I joined UIU DMV in February 2022 they welcomed me with open arms! As a recent college grad I was looking for a new community to be a part of to keep myself balanced with my career and social life. I’m very passionate about Igbo culture so UIU gave me a place to share that with other Igbos! I’ve made so many connections so far in the chapter and look forward to making more memories in my 20 somethings!

    • Adaora Orakwu
    • UIU DMV Chapter Member
  • I love UIU DMV because it is a space for me to meet other Igbos in the DMV. I have met a lot of amazing people in UIU. the balance between volunteering, happy hours and Igbo lessons/cultural activities keeps me involved and interested! I save events as soon as they come out! There is really nothing like your own people!

    • Sochima
    • UIU DMV Chapter Member
  • I love the welcoming atmosphere uiu provides at all their events! Whether your old or new, the board members do a great job with making people feel right at home!

    • Chinenye Okeke
    • UIU DMV Chapter Member
  • Joining UIU DMV has been one of the best decisions I've made in recent memory. At the time, I was relatively new to Baltimore and was desiring to be part of the Igbo community. UIU DMV welcomed me with open arms and has been like my family since. As a member, I've been able to meet wonderful people, rekindle some old interests, be exposed to new ones, and engage in fun activities. I'm looking forward to this year of "mu na gi so" in which I hope to strengthen bonds and create new ones. For anyone on the fence about joining, I promise it's a decision you won't regret. Looking forward to welcoming you into our crazy yet amazing family!

    • Tochi Agbo
    • UIU DMV Chapter Member
  • UIU has allowed me to reconnect with my culture. Hearing the language, celebrating our culture, and being in community with each other makes the DMV feel a little bit more like home.

    • Kristen Okoro
    • UIU DMV Chapter Member
  • UIU DMV provides great opportunities to connect and build relationships with Igbo professionals in your area, Igbo kwenu!

    • Solomon Oli
    • UIU DMV Chapter Member
  • Moving to the DMV with almost no friends was scary and the fear of not being around my own people was really serious 😭 I stumbled upon UIU by mistake a couple days before the the 2022 convention and I haven’t looked back! Being part of UIU DMV & National has been so beneficial for my mental health and my professional growth.

    • Omemma Okey
    • UIU DMV Chapter Member

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