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Umu Igbo Unite Corporation is a non-profit organization and is tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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UIU Houston Chapter

Established 2008
Representing the Houston Metroplex Area


Umu Igbo Unite, Houston Chapter strives to promote cultural fellowship between Igbo professionals in the city of Houston and surrounding areas. Provide quality and value-added events to our members. Promotes Igbo cultural awareness within the city of Houston. Engage our members through professional development opportunities such as finance and entrepreneurship that support career growth. Assist our Igbo community locally and in Nigeria through various volunteer events, sponsorship, health, and wellness.

Members Only Benefits

Member Only Events
Membership T-Shirt
Members Highlight/Spotlight
Igbo/Cultural Lessons
Professional Development/Professional Mixers
Bible Study/Classes
Community Service
Umu Ada & Ndi Eze
Book Club
Health and Wellness Club

Our Cultural Programs

Igbo Classes
Cooking Lessons
Cultural State Fair
Cultural Lessons at General Body Meeting

Our Committees

Public Relations Committee: Assist with taking pictures at our events.
Cultural Committee:
Assist our Cultural Chair in the cultural lessons.
Health & Fitness Committee:
Provide support for health and wellness.
Membership Committee:
Assist our membership in welcoming members and following up with prospective members.
Professional Committee:
 Assist with connections with different professions to help create professional events.
Book Committee: 
Reading books with our members throughout the year.


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Executive Board

Here are the chapter officers for UIU Houston.

Chidiebere Ohalete


Diane Nwokey

Vice President

Ejikeme Okoroha


Precious Ekigwe


Adlem Anikputa


Akachi Azubuike

Public Relations Officer

Ezinne Ugbaja

Membership Chair

Emmanual Obi

Event Coordinator

Raphael Onyeka

Cultural Awareness Chair

Jennifer Adigun

Community Service Chair

Patrick Kurunwe

Professional Development Chair

Contact Us


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  • I joined UIU was to get closer to my Naija community. I have met so many new friends and gotten more entrenched in the culture! I also served on the UIU Houston executive board: Vice President (2020) and Community Service Chair (2019).

    • Ijeoma Oguh
    • Imo State
  • I joined UIU houston chapter last year November because I felt the importance of getting more  involved in the Nigeria community  and to network. Through UIU Houston, I have been able to meet some great friends. Congrats to @umuigbounite on a successful 2021 convention.

    • Ijeoma Nwankwo
    • Ebonyi State
  • "UIU brunch was amazing, I had a great time! I was even able to bring my little baby and they made us feel so welcome!"

    • Claudette
    • Houston, TX
  • "I’ve met a lot of good people! The vibe has been great and I look forward to coming to more of the events and making connections with different people.”

    • Ogochi
    • Houston, TX
  • “I was very happy to be amongst UIU. It was great making connections and being able to meet alot of new friends. I love the positive environment and I would love to come back and continue to experience this vibe.”

    • Vicky
    • Houston, TX
  • “As a member, I love UIU, It’s a great organization. I love the vibes and it's a wonderful place to make great connections. I look forward to seeing what else is in store for the members for the rest of the year.”

    • Uche
    • Houston, TX
  • “I love the collectiveness of UIU, the vibes feel like almost 2019/2020 when we won chapter of the year, it felt good to see everything coming together. I love the commodity this year! Executive board is doing a great job! Keep up the good work UIU!”

    • Jerry
    • Houston, TX

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