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Umu Igbo Unite Corporation is a non-profit organization and is tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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UIU Bay Area Chapter

Established 2019
Representing the Bay Area in California


To promote Igbo culture in diaspora amongst Igbo youth and people interested in Igbo culture through programs such as Igbo class, gatherings, cultural events, community service, projects and the national convention. Provide networking and mentoring opportunities for young Igbo professionals to share ideas and experiences in hopes of cultivating positive growth.  Foster an innovative community that empowers and promotes the social, cultural and professional cultivation of young Igbo Adults (age 21-45) in the Bay Area. Build intercultural alliances to eradicate misconceptions and promote good relations.

Members Only Benefits
Discounts to social events | Entry to members-only events | Member spotlights and recognitions

Our Cultural Programs
We offer programs that aim to educate our members on the Igbo tradition. Here are a few programs we hope would propel the Igbo culture in UIU Bay Area this year: 

Cooking Classes/Competitions

How to Tie Gele and Wrapper as an Igbo Woman

The Significance of the Kolanut in Igbo Land/Who Should Do It?

Quizzes Geared Towards Learning the Igbo Language


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Executive Board

Here are the chapter officers for UIU Bay Area.

Azuka Wonodi


Chigo Ikeme

Vice President 

Samuel Ekanem

Fundraising Chair

Olamma Eke

Cultural Awareness Chair 


Public Relations Officer 

Victory Ijebai

Professional Development Chair & Community Service Chair

Contact Us


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  • UIU Bay Area has been an opportunity to grow within a community that was initially unexpected. The social gatherings and volunteer opportunities have been great, but it's been that shared cultural experience, and the relationships that have come from that, that have proven to be the blessing. Being able to gather with young people across the Bay Area, recent arrivals or otherwise, also comes with the benefit of grounding one's own experiences, with the joys, trials, and triumphs all less daunting , knowing that there's a community of people here, sharing the same culture, also sharing many of these same experiences with you.

    • Igwe Ugo
    • UIU Bay Area Chapter Member
  • UIU Bay Area means 'community' to me. I've made some great social connections through UIU Bay Area. I've also benefitted greatly by tapping into the professional development initiative, among other things.

    • Stellamaris
    • UIU Bay Area Chapter Member
  • Being a UIU member has given me more sense of belonging and security, especially whenever I'm around people I share the same descent with. It has also helped me in my interpersonal skills and selfless service to humanity.The benefits of being a member can not be overemphasized.

    • Melvis Madunezim
    • UIU Bay Area Chapter Member
  • UIU allowed me serve and build community. Serving as the President deepened my bond with the broader Igbo community here in the Bay.

    • Osiri Ndukwe
    • UIU Bay Area Chapter Member
  • More than anything, I think it is the sense of community with people of similar national/cultural background. Like I told someone in one of the UIU meetings, It is one of the few places you go to meet other people and you do not have to bother about code switching. And of course, the networking is not just for professional or business related issues but the opportunity to meet other single folks. Then add the entertainment aspect, including the food, drinks, games and dance.

    • Henry Okoro
    • UIU Bay Area Chapter Member

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