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our goal

Igbo Proverb of the Week

Agwọ emeghi ihe o ji bụrụ agwọ, ụmụaka ewere ya kee nkụ.

If a snake fails to live up to its attributes, children will use it to tie firewood thinking it's a rope.

[There are times when one defends ones capability, else you risked being taken for granted or ridiculed]
The goal of UIU Igbo101 is to be a comprehensive resource for Igbo language learning. There is a school of thought that the Igbo language is in danger of extinction, however this membership-based platform is a leap away from that prediction. our mission at UIU is to keep the Igbo language alive and thriving in the diaspora. UIU igbo101 is here to be a part of the solution, so as Igbo people, we can hold our heads high knowing that "Igbo ga-adi".

Learn all 36 Igbo alphabets and 8 vowels and their correct pronunciations. Brush up on basic Igbo greetings that will impress your friends and family.

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Igbo Riddle of the Week

Igbo Riddles: Gwa m Gwa m Gwa m


1) Gwa m ude a sụrụ na mba a nụ ya na mba


2) Gwa m ihe jiri ikpere gazuo ubi nna gị


3) Gwa m agbọghọ toro n’afọ laa n’afọ


4) Gwa m akwa Chukwu sụrụ anaghị akọ akọ


more igbo language resources

Ije the World Traveler LLC in partnership with Umu Igbo Unite Corporation are focusing on bringing the Igbo language to the forefront. We have created Igbo language courses used by various chapters today. Ije the World Traveler LLC currently has 2 books avaible for purchase online, Igbo audio on the website as well as a Youtube channel with episodes created for anyone interested in learning the Igbo language. Thankful for the support from Umu Igbo Unite Corporation, Ije the World Traveler, LLC will donate 5% of online book sales per annum to Umu Igbo Unite Corporation.
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Obioha Nmezi is an Igbo language enthusiast born and raised in Igbo land, Nigeria. Using comprehensive materials and homework on each topic treated, Obioha will empower you to understand, very well, how to use words, parts of speech, tones, figures of speech, and even slang to express yourself in Igbo language and be able to speak at any level. He has spent more than 1,300 hours teaching people from around the world Igbo Language. Check out his free course (Igbo Language Starter Pack - Basic - Vol 1) in our E-Learning module (members-only).
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Onyinye Ibelegbu is the Founder and CEO of NwaadaIgbo, an online platform that helps Igbo learners all over the world to learn Igbo faster, smarter and conveniently through blended e-learning. Before setting up NwaadaIgbo, her work involves teaching and coaching in various capacities: as a Nutrition lecturer in a School of Nursing, a Nutrition Program officer responsible for on the job training of health workers, a Training Manager responsible for staff capacity development, and a freelance English, French and Igbo tutor. Onyinye is also a bestselling Igbo Instructor on popular digital learning platform Udemy and a published Igbo author on Amazon.
Onyinye is skilled at surveying people and determining the most effective way that individuals learn, making her responsible for the development and assessment of learning materials for NwaadaIgbo. Her bottom up approach to teaching Igbo language has ensured remarkable increase in proficiency for the students and the success of NwaadaIgbo platform. Check out her course (The Complete Igbo Language Course) in our E-Learning module. A $75 value for members and $150 for non-members (same bestseller course is priced at $199 on Udemy).
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