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Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?
Attendees must be 21 by the start of the convention. Government-issued IDs will be verified onsite.
I turn 21 on August 11. Can I attend the convention?
So close yet so far away! Nne/Nna, we are so sorry! Unfortunately, you will not be allowed to attend the convention. We look forward to you attending next year though!
Is my registration/ticket refundable or transferrable?
Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. There are no exceptions please. Funds from no-show attendees will be donated to the UIUCares foundation.
Although I registered, I was not able to attend the convention. Can you please send my T-shirt via mail post-convention?
There are 2 options here:

Option A: If you have a friend attending, please send us an email with your friends information and remind your friend to ask for it upon check in.

Option B: Send us an email post-convention at asking us to mail your shirt to you. A T-shirt will be sent to you based on availability post-convention.
My best friend did not pay and does not have a wristband. I paid and have a wristband. Can we share it?
No, we plan for the number of people who have paid for the convention. If your friend cannot afford it, please help them. Or ask their parents, your parents or Igbo elders. They are the ones pushing you to learn more about your culture and to surround yourselves with people with whom you are equally yoked. Please resolve this dilemma prior to the conference as it is really embarrassing to be bounced at the door. If your best friend is still not willing to make this investment, don't worry, you will make tons of friends before the conference is over!
My wristband does not go with my outfit. Can't I just show you my ID? I'm really trying not to mess up this ensemble that I have been planning since last year's convention.
No, please keep your wristbands on. They are waterproof and are built to last. Do not cut it off for any reason and plan to just hold it in your hand or your purse. While we are at it, please make sure your wristband is visible at all times. This year, even after entrance into an event, you will still be required to have the wristband on or you could get bounced mid-bite or mid-dance or in the middle of the conversation with the person of your dreams. Please don't let this be you!
When is the last day to use the Umu Igbo Unite Discount code to book a room?
The deadline to use the UIU discount code is July 12th, there are no exceptions.
I have this brilliant idea to reserve multiple rooms and sell it to my UIU brothers and sisters at a profit as a side hustle.
No, please do not reserve more than one room. If you reserve more than one room, you will be allowed to keep 1 room reserved, all other rooms will be cancelled. If you have an exception, please send us an email at
I have not registered because I’m not sure if I will be attending the convention yet, can I go ahead and book a hotel room?
No, please register first before booking your hotel room. All rooms under Umu Igbo Unite has been blocked for UIU registered attendees only. If you have not registered by July 1st, your hotel room will be cancelled.
Can I perch on friends table and sell my product?
No, please get your own table. Our vendor relations team will be happy to help you out. Besides, your friend has her display set-up and really doesn't want you messing with her beautiful display and stealing business from her (she just didn't tell you because now that you have asked, it is super awkward). Please contact the vendor management team at for a table!
Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?