Houston Chapter

The Houston Chapter has accomplished many activities and is currently experiencing its highest attendance and participation rates in recent history. To date, we have 240 members on our Facebook page, an average attendance of 40-50 members per event, and 25 paid members. This is due to the energy, dedication, and enthusiasm of the current executive board, which consistently makes great strides and shows an abundance of effort in the furtherance of the organization. We have also instilled the 5 pillars of our organization, which remind us of the positive direction that we must travel in order to further our Igbo people. Those pillars are Professionalism, Community Service, Education, Culture, and Fundraising.

We are excited about the upcoming convention because of the opportunity to network and meet individuals all over the country, but most importantly, to show others the success, unity, and love that the Houston Chapter has for one another!

Here are the events that we have coming up, events that we have done, and the best way to contact us:

Events Completed:

Monthly Happy Hours

Igbo Classes

Member Meetings

Spring Mingling

Genghis Grill Fundraiser

Karaoke Night

Bowling Happy Hour

Upcoming Events:

Afrik Fit Dance Class

Spring Mingling Part II


Nigerian Scholarship Assistance

Business Networking

Contact Info:

Website: Coming soon

Email: Houstonchapter@umuigbounite.com

Facebook: Umu Igbo Unite – Houston Chapter

Instagram: UmuIgboUnite_Houston

Twitter: UIU_Houston


Veronica Azoro-Davis

UIU Houston Chapter President


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