Umu Igbo Unite Dallas Chapter is the 3rd National chapter founded in August 2013 by Gold Okafor.

Dallas is very excited about this year’s convention in New Jersey. In just 2 years Dallas has become a powerhouse chapter of Umu Igbo Unite. We were the hosting city in 2013. This will be our first unified convention as a chapter. Every year there is a surprise, and now Dallas has the opportunity to be a part of something rich. We are very proud of the success we have accomplished thus far. UIU Dallas has become a well-known chapter and a great representation of Igbo people. Although we have a lot to celebrate, we thank God for the opportunities and blessings we have received. We congratulate Umu Igbo Unite on its 11th Annual Convention, and hope to continue to build this great organization in Dallas Texas.

UIU Dallas has put on numerous events serving Ndi igbo in the Dallas Metroplex.

October 2014 UIU Dallas collectively partnered with other Dallas organizations in the event “A Purpose Filled Brunch” for a young cancer survivor Chinelo Onyeador. We raised over $2,000 dollars towards her chemotherapy.

November 2014 UIU Dallas shut down the metroplex, with the biggest welcoming party, at the biggest African Club in Dallas, ASO Rock.

December 2014 UIU Dallas volunteered to give out toys and help ‘Big A’ with his successful Annual Kids Christmas Party

February 2015 UIU Dallas organized a community service event “The House UIU Built”. Many members came out to support the cause and contributed with Habitat for humanity.

April 2015 UIU Dallas’s most impactful and dynamic event. With a collective group effort, we organized a family open forum on the remembrance of Biafra. Free food and drinks were served as well as gifts for attendees. 60 plus people came out to learn or to give their story.

Upcoming Events

September Umu Igbo will be conducting its 2nd Election term for 2015-2016.

Currently Umu Igbo Unite Dallas has over 40+ active members.


President: Amy Okafor

For Information on how to get involved and become a member of the Dallas Chapter, Email us at Dallaschapter@umuigbounite.com

We are on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/UIUDallas?fref=ts

We are on Instagram: @UMUIGBODALLAS

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